The Juice Well

November 17, 2014

The Juice Well12 x 24; oil on stretched cotton canvas

I am not going to make excuses for why I have not been posting on my blog. If it had not been for getting a comment from a fellow artist I probably would not be here now. This is just so hard for me to keep up. I have been painting. This one I painted this summer. I was at a succulent plant place in Austin and saw this little boy with his red cape sitting on his Dad’s Airstream. He was spending his Saturday in a world of his own imagination.

cows in shadow

January 14, 2014

cows in shadowThese are the same group of cows from Rittiman waterhole. This was about the time I got back in the jeep. I really did not like the way they were looking at me. My favorite part of this painting is the light shining across the grass.


churchI know I am a little late with the wish for the holidays but I still mean it. It gets pretty hectic at our household during the holidays. I am the kind of person that likes to do alot of handmade activities, baking, decorating and handmade gifts, during the holiday. It takes time from my painting but I like arts and crafts too. I spent many years doing crafts when I had 3 little kids to raise. It was a lot easier (for me) to craft than to oil paint. My emotions are all over the board, feeling guilty for not painting but also needing the release of more simple projects. I’m pretty sure I am not alone in saying as an artist my emotions are a roller coaster during a painting. ( that will be another post) Any how this is a small painting I did to print for my Christmas cards. So I am sending it out to you in cyber world as a special wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rittiman waterhole

October 22, 2013

26 x 48 oil on stretched cotton canvas

26 x 48 oil on stretched cotton canvas

I finally finished the painting done on the canvas I stretched myself. Back in July I posted about my unhappiness with the surface on the canvas I stretched myself. The next batch of canvases I did differently. I really love the way they came out this time. The paint goes on like “butta” . It has a little tooth to it, but the surface is smooth enough I can easily get the blending and edges I want. I like stretching my own canvas not only to get the surface texture I like but I can make the canvas any size I want. Since I make my own floater frames too, I don’t have to worry about only using standard size canvas to fit standard size frames. I like painting cows. My husband and I were on the way home from spending the day in Fredericksburg and drove up on this scene. I got out of the jeep to take some photos. After snapping a few pics, they began noticing me and walking towards me. At that time I decided I had enough photos.

roosting in Luckenbach

October 3, 2013

11x14  oil on stretched cotton canvas

11×14 oil on stretched cotton canvas

I really had fun with this one. As Waylon and Willie and the boys say, Lets go to Luckenbach Texas  ain’t nobody feelin no pain. The chickens and rooster on the stage with old license plates nailed to the post just screamed “Paint me!” It was just one of those spur of the moment, inbetween paintings that just had to be done. Don’t you just love those kind especially when  they work out?

A father’s song

August 11, 2013

20x24 oil on stretched cotton canvas

20×24 oil on stretched cotton canvas

When I visit my daughter in Austin, we like to walk along Congress St.. There are great restaurants, boutiques and on certain days you can find arts and craft booths set up. I took the photo used for this painting almost two years before the photo of my first guitar man.  I now believe they are the same person. I was told while the paintings were hung at the Magnolia Cafe on Congress St. the man and his daughter came in and recognized themselves.  My favorite part to paint was the light shining on the girls hair. I always have trouble deciding what to do with a background. I debated on this one to leave an empty background but after staring at the painting for a long time I decided the cars needed to be put in to help tell the story of a street performer.a father's song detail

guitar man

July 24, 2013

18x44 oil on stretched cotton canvas

18×44 oil on stretched cotton canvas

The last time I stretched my own canvas I was not very happy with the final results. The first attempt was with 100% cotton canvas/double primed/medium texture. I also bought stretcher bars and a canvas stretcher tool. I just wasn’t happy with the texture of the canvas. It was not smooth enough for me. So the next time around I bought unprimed cotton canvas and a gallon bucket of gesso. I stretched the canvas and applied 2 coats of gesso, sanding in-between each coat. I was really excited because it felt really smooth. After painting on the newly stretched canvas (not the painting above) again I was very disappointed. Even though it felt smooth I believe I didn’t put enough gesso on because it just wanted to absorb my brushstrokes. I just recently tried it again. This time I put 4 thick coats and sanded between the last 2. It feels really good. I will be starting a new painting and will report on how well it paints. The  painting above  is of a street performer in Austin, Texas. I am debating rather to add a collage of torn posters and playbills on the left side, like you see on a telephone pole.

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