a new beginning

May 19, 2011

After almost 8 months of not painting, I am back. Life seemed to get in the way. The holidays came and went, we have had a wedding in the family and early this spring I began gardening. It doesn’t sound like much but it kept me busy enough not to be painting. After a certain amount of time it was difficult to begin again. I was feeling anxious and intimidated about starting again after such a long time. I decided to begin with simple still lifes on 6×6 panels, that way I could finish faster and move on to another subject before frustration took over. I have really enjoyed approaching my painting this way.  Along with starting my painting  I decided to also begin a new blog. A new beginning, a new blog. My first post is my first finished 6×6 painting, Two Cups. I approached this still life with no expectations and dropped all my hang ups of trying too hard to make the painting  look a certain way. I just painted! To my surprise I was happier with the finished piece and totally enjoyed the process.

6x6 oil on cotton canvas panel $150


One Response to “a new beginning”

  1. LaTaine Mullins Says:

    As usual Kim your new beginnings are just as beautiful as everything else that you do. Keep up the good work. I love it!!!

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