green bucket

August 28, 2011

6x6 oil on cotton canvas covered panel $150

I really like this bucket, tub, pot whatever it is. The color is so unique and I love mixing colors to find all the color variations found on the surface from age and use. My base color was viridian. Then I began mixing burnt sienna, yellow ochre, white and a touch of burnt umber to tone down the intensity of the viridian. It doesn’t take much viridian to go a long way. It is alot like phthalo blue. I had been using Winsor & Newton’s Winton oil colors for my phthalo blue. It just didn’t seem to be as intense as another brand I had used in the past. I just don’t remember what it was. This weekend I drove to Austin to visit my daughter and we went to Jerry’s for their big before school sale . I bought Gamblin’s phthalo blue hoping that would be the one. With a little Gamblin’s transparent orange and a lot of white it makes a beautiful sky. I also bought some bigger canvases. It has been quite awhile since I have painted bigger than 6×6. I already have some ideas in my head trying to get out.


One Response to “green bucket”

  1. LaTaine Mullins Says:

    Beautiful Kim. I do love that color.

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