radishes and onions

September 26, 2011

16x20 oil on stretched cotton canvas $600

My first larger painting in quite awhile. I still wanted to paint the green bucket from some of my smaller paintings, it is my favorite. I just love the colors in this bucket. I started blocking in the shapes the day I bought the vegetables at the grocery store. I also took a photo just for reference later. It is a good thing I did take a photo because before the day was over the leaves on the radishes wilted to almost nothing. It was to fast for me, I am a slow painter. Knowing I had the photo, I went ahead and painted everything else and left the leaves for last. I had the most fun painting the ragged edges of the cloth. If you look back on some of my other paintings, I like to emphasis small details like that. I feel it adds a lot of character to a painting.


One Response to “radishes and onions”

  1. I love this…The colors, overall composition, and just the feel of the painting. It makes me think of old times visiting my grandmother’s brothers and sisters places in San Antonio and the Hill Country.
    Elizabeth Jamison

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