guitar man

July 24, 2013

18x44 oil on stretched cotton canvas

18×44 oil on stretched cotton canvas

The last time I stretched my own canvas I was not very happy with the final results. The first attempt was with 100% cotton canvas/double primed/medium texture. I also bought stretcher bars and a canvas stretcher tool. I just wasn’t happy with the texture of the canvas. It was not smooth enough for me. So the next time around I bought unprimed cotton canvas and a gallon bucket of gesso. I stretched the canvas and applied 2 coats of gesso, sanding in-between each coat. I was really excited because it felt really smooth. After painting on the newly stretched canvas (not the painting above) again I was very disappointed. Even though it felt smooth I believe I didn’t put enough gesso on because it just wanted to absorb my brushstrokes. I just recently tried it again. This time I put 4 thick coats and sanded between the last 2. It feels really good. I will be starting a new painting and will report on how well it paints. The  painting above  is of a street performer in Austin, Texas. I am debating rather to add a collage of torn posters and playbills on the left side, like you see on a telephone pole.


2 Responses to “guitar man”

  1. Deano Says:

    Love your painting!
    Re the gesso dilemma, check out sizing the gesso to cut down absorption.

  2. Kim Shields Says:

    Thanks for the advice. I will try that if my last attempt does not work either. I had just read using the acrylic gesso, a sizing was not necessary.

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