cows in shadow

January 14, 2014

cows in shadowThese are the same group of cows from Rittiman waterhole. This was about the time I got back in the jeep. I really did not like the way they were looking at me. My favorite part of this painting is the light shining across the grass.



2 Responses to “cows in shadow”

  1. Yeah, they seem to be making a group decision. Probably a good time to get back in the jeep. 😉
    Funny sometimes, what strikes the artist as a favorite part, which may, as in this case, be something quite different from the main focus. I relate to that.
    As if the longhorns weren’t clue enough, the landscape looks a lot like north Texas (in this, and the Rittiman Waterhole picture). Is it?
    Nice work.

    • Kim Shields Says:

      It seems as artists, we tend to see or feel something in our paintings that anyone else probably does not even take notice. I live in the hill country close to San Antonio. Those two paintings were on a road between San Antonio and Fredericksburg. Thank you for the input.

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