Welcome to my daily painting blog. I love to paint. I get lost in colors and shapes. I have a BFA in Art Education from University of North Texas ( it was North Texas State University when I was there many years ago) and Lamar University. I taught art at Silsbee High School for 4 years. The family (husband and three children) moved to the Texas Hill Country in 1994. What a great place for landscape inspirations! I have been painting off and on for many years. I begin painting full time in 2007. My subjects may vary from a bowl of lemons to a neglected old truck. Please enjoy browsing through my work.


4 Responses to “about me”

  1. Bea Lancton Says:

    Welcome back, Kim! Love your new blog and the painting. Odd, isn’t it, how it’s so difficult to break the ice after having been away from the easel for a while? I moved over to WordPress also, but haven’t completely worked stuff out on the new blog yet. The old one is shut down. So glad you are back in business!

  2. Kim Shields Says:

    I am glad you found me! It felt like I moved into a new neighborhood and I didn’t know anyone. It took me awhile to figure out wordpress but it finally got done. I am really pumped about painting again too! Let me know when your blog is back up.

  3. Kim,
    I love your pictures! I took the liberty of posting a link to this page on the BSBAA Facebook page.
    We’re really trying to regroup and make the Art Group a more valuable resource. Would love to talk with you more about it, and your work, and maybe visit your studio sometime!
    -Elizabeth Jamison

  4. Jeaniene Jolley Says:

    Come visit the Bulverde/Spring Branch art group! We are still growing and having fun. -Jeaniene

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