Basket Man

July 18, 2013


20x20 oil on stretched cotton canvas

20×20 oil on stretched cotton canvas

Twice a year in Round Top, Texas there is the Antiques Weekend that lasts 2 weeks and has grown to include neighboring towns. You can find crafts, refurbished items, old junk, furniture and even the kitchen sink. This guy was selling baskets he had made. He would dunk the baskets in a tub of water and then shake the extra moisture out. I have never made baskets before but I am assuming wetting them made them a tighter weave when they dried. I was drawn to the vibrant colors in the baskets. I have always wondered what draws me to a possible painting first. Is it the colors, the composition or the light and shadows first?



Breakfast Tacos

July 16, 2013

24x36 oil on stretched cotton canvas

24×36 oil on stretched cotton canvas

I took a little hiatus from blogging (a year and a half to be exact) I am not very good at the social networking part of being an artist. I have a hard time putting myself out there. That is probably why I have a studio full of paintings and no idea how to get them out there. I have continued to paint except for a small gap when I had cataract surgery on both of my eyes. It is amazing how much better I can see. I was teased that my paintings were going to look different. They may not look that different but now I don’t have to stop and rest my eyes every 30 minutes. I was really struggling to see details. So here I am trying the socializing again. I plan to join some painter organizations and approach some galleries this year. Enough of that let me tell you about this painting, Breakfast Tacos. One Saturday morning I accompanied my husband to work in Austin. He stopped to get his breakfast at his favorite taco stand. The long shadows cast by the morning sun caught my eye.

November 9, 2011

20x24 oil on stretched cotton canvas

I needed a break from my still lifes so I went through all my photos and found this one I took at the Michaelis Ranch in Buda, Texas. I went with the Austin Plein Aire group last year. I fell in love with the ranch. I wanted to paint this scene because to me it shows this ranch is a working ranch. I admire the lady that runs it, she was such a strong and independent woman. I wish I could of gotten her in a photo to paint, but she never stopped the whole time we were there painting.

green pitcher

October 20, 2011

20x24 oil on stretched cotton canvas $600

I love painting large, to some artist 20×24 would not be large, 60×72 would be large. I would like to tackle a canvas that size but so far I haven’t been inspired enough by a subject that shouts BIG! It will happen though. The last time I visited my parents house I was captivated by this green pitcher perched high above my Mom’s kitchen cabinets. I saw the color as a mixture of my two favorite colors, viridian and yellow ochre. (Did you know  in Latin, a garden is called a viridarium ) I also knew the raised design would be fun to paint with a light source directed towards it. I had a hard time deciding what to do with the background. I tend to paint a drape or objects in at least 80% of the background so I don’t have to decide. I wasn’t sure if all white would be too much white. I went for it and I am happy with the end results. The wooden rooster and green pitcher really stand out as the important player in this painting. Lately I have been painting a lot of green and red together, good strong colors.

radishes and onions

September 26, 2011

16x20 oil on stretched cotton canvas $600

My first larger painting in quite awhile. I still wanted to paint the green bucket from some of my smaller paintings, it is my favorite. I just love the colors in this bucket. I started blocking in the shapes the day I bought the vegetables at the grocery store. I also took a photo just for reference later. It is a good thing I did take a photo because before the day was over the leaves on the radishes wilted to almost nothing. It was to fast for me, I am a slow painter. Knowing I had the photo, I went ahead and painted everything else and left the leaves for last. I had the most fun painting the ragged edges of the cloth. If you look back on some of my other paintings, I like to emphasis small details like that. I feel it adds a lot of character to a painting.

Jack and Jill

September 19, 2011

6x8 oil on cotton canvas panel $150

Here are more of my (correction: my daughter’s) collection of children’s mugs. My favorite part is the light reflection on the front of the dog handled mug. I also like the stamp on the bottom of the one mug. I get so excited about painting when it is going good and so depressed when my painting is going bad. Artists have such a roller coaster of emotions on a daily basis. Anyone who lives with an artist has a good soul.

3 chicks

September 4, 2011

6x6 oil on cotton canvas panel $150

I have a collection of children’s mugs that my Mom and I have been collecting since the 80’s. They were meant to be given to my daughter when she got her own home. Well, she is 30 now and I still have the mugs. 🙂 I had this little metal chick for Easter decorations and I thought it looked so much like the chicks painted on the mug, I just had to paint them together. One thing I learned from Scott Christensen’s workshop is to look and observe all the colors that make up an object. I find my paintings are more interesting when I use more than local colors. Your studio light, the atmosphere, the time of day are only a few reasons a subject could be absorbing different colors.

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