cows in shadow

January 14, 2014

cows in shadowThese are the same group of cows from Rittiman waterhole. This was about the time I got back in the jeep. I really did not like the way they were looking at me. My favorite part of this painting is the light shining across the grass.



Rittiman waterhole

October 22, 2013

26 x 48 oil on stretched cotton canvas

26 x 48 oil on stretched cotton canvas

I finally finished the painting done on the canvas I stretched myself. Back in July I posted about my unhappiness with the surface on the canvas I stretched myself. The next batch of canvases I did differently. I really love the way they came out this time. The paint goes on like “butta” . It has a little tooth to it, but the surface is smooth enough I can easily get the blending and edges I want. I like stretching my own canvas not only to get the surface texture I like but I can make the canvas any size I want. Since I make my own floater frames too, I don’t have to worry about only using standard size canvas to fit standard size frames. I like painting cows. My husband and I were on the way home from spending the day in Fredericksburg and drove up on this scene. I got out of the jeep to take some photos. After snapping a few pics, they began noticing me and walking towards me. At that time I decided I had enough photos.

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