cows in shadow

January 14, 2014

cows in shadowThese are the same group of cows from Rittiman waterhole. This was about the time I got back in the jeep. I really did not like the way they were looking at me. My favorite part of this painting is the light shining across the grass.



Rittiman waterhole

October 22, 2013

26 x 48 oil on stretched cotton canvas

26 x 48 oil on stretched cotton canvas

I finally finished the painting done on the canvas I stretched myself. Back in July I posted about my unhappiness with the surface on the canvas I stretched myself. The next batch of canvases I did differently. I really love the way they came out this time. The paint goes on like “butta” . It has a little tooth to it, but the surface is smooth enough I can easily get the blending and edges I want. I like stretching my own canvas not only to get the surface texture I like but I can make the canvas any size I want. Since I make my own floater frames too, I don’t have to worry about only using standard size canvas to fit standard size frames. I like painting cows. My husband and I were on the way home from spending the day in Fredericksburg and drove up on this scene. I got out of the jeep to take some photos. After snapping a few pics, they began noticing me and walking towards me. At that time I decided I had enough photos.

roosting in Luckenbach

October 3, 2013

11x14  oil on stretched cotton canvas

11×14 oil on stretched cotton canvas

I really had fun with this one. As Waylon and Willie and the boys say, Lets go to Luckenbach Texas  ain’t nobody feelin no pain. The chickens and rooster on the stage with old license plates nailed to the post just screamed “Paint me!” It was just one of those spur of the moment, inbetween paintings that just had to be done. Don’t you just love those kind especially when  they work out?

November 9, 2011

20x24 oil on stretched cotton canvas

I needed a break from my still lifes so I went through all my photos and found this one I took at the Michaelis Ranch in Buda, Texas. I went with the Austin Plein Aire group last year. I fell in love with the ranch. I wanted to paint this scene because to me it shows this ranch is a working ranch. I admire the lady that runs it, she was such a strong and independent woman. I wish I could of gotten her in a photo to paint, but she never stopped the whole time we were there painting.

Old House

August 9, 2011

6x6 oil on cotton canvas panel $150

Again I used a photo I took last year. Here in Texas we have been experiencing three digit temperatures for the last month and no rain for the last eight months. So, I have not wanted to go out and paint. I am not a complainer and I think for a fifty-something female I usually can tolerate the outdoor elements pretty well. But this weather has finally got to me. The year this photo was taken was a really good year for bluebonnets. We had gotten plenty of winter rain which is what bluebonnets need to germinate. This painting looks so “Texas Hill Country” it looks like a set up. But I guarantee you this scene was just down the road from my own house.  This painting has not been altered for the sake of this blog, haha.

Lost Maples Trail

July 31, 2011

6x6 oil on cotton canvas panel $150

Lost Maples State Park contains Texas’ largest stand of bigtooth maples east of the Guadalupe Mountains. When conditions are right, the maple leaves put on a dazzling show of fall colors. I painted this from a photo I took two years ago. We are in a exceptional drought right now so I have no idea what will happen this October when the leaves are suppose to turn.

red roof shed

July 22, 2011

6x6 oil on cotton canvas panel $150

Ok, I think this is my favorite 6×6 so far. There is something about sunlight and shadows that can make a strong statement on a painting. It makes your painting feel alive.

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